Bullock Cart Ride

If you are going to be the best, you've got to ride the best

Bullock cart ride is a traditional transport of the Tharu people (local people) where a cart is pulled by pair of oxen. An open carriage is made pulled by two strong bulls and it fits about 4 to 5 people at a time along with a driver that steers the bulls. It is a wonderful way to see nearby villages inhabited mostly by the Tharus. There are many villages around Chitwan National park that still maintain the old world charm that you can rarely see anywhere else. This is a unique ride that is slow yet provides with a great outdoor excursion experience. You will be able to see the Tharu villages, their age-old traditions and lifestyle that can be quite intriguing to a person who has never seen the rural life of Nepal. They still use old methods to do their daily activities like cleaning and cooking. The Tharus are very hospitable, friendly and affectionate people. Witnessing age-old traditions and lifestyle on a Bullock Cart Ride adds more enchantment to the entire excursion.